Mar 7

A Poem.

A demon like, or skeleton winged statue. A statue of a winged demon.
Photo by Donovan Reeves on Unsplash


She never wished war.

She had heard it all before.

Guns blaze: she ducks, and she curls in a ball.

This is exactly what she warns, as she falls.

She falls.

Night calls.

Dreams don’t come often —

When they do,

they come true…

and they’re awful ending in…



Dec 16, 2021

A Poem. Free-Verse.

Shh, A face with pointer finger up in front of the mouth, gesturing be quiet, gesturing to be quiet, gesturing to shh.
Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Turnoff all the lights.

Nobody make a sound.

“Ashes to ashes; we all fall down.”

You cannot run.

You cannot hide.

I believe he’s on the dark side.

They’re all in cahoots —

Climbing up from disheveled roots.

Somebody, get me off this ride!

Parleying in parlors —

every day…





Simply put, I write poetry. Each poem, representative of segments from my own life experiences. With hopes— they may resonate with my fellow human. Thank you.