Gun Game.

A Tale of Sweet Revenge.

1 min readJan 5, 2024

Poem | First Draft | Free-Verse

First Poem of a Series Titled, “Gun Game.”

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Keeping Revenge in Mind

I’m in “The Heights.”
& You’re in my sights.
Surprise! Surprise!
Eye’s on the prize.

Scope’s aligned.
Unusually refined.
Pull back, s l i d e.
Sublime, playtime.

I reload for fun.
Then, listen for a… “Thud!”
Oh! How I love —
My Pretty Little Passive Gun!

I love its sound.
It’s so profound!
I’ve bent your will!
I shoot to kill!

I write this as I flee —
Watching as your body bleeds!
I, thee only witness to our ocean
mingling with shades of burgundy.

Premeditated, before you murder me!

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