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Well done. You remind me of myself as a young author. I was always highly inspired by learning, craving knowledge. A passion for learning about everything, language arts, and literature more so than anything.
You have assuredly expressed your passion for language arts as a whole in this article.
Your presentation is clear and well written. You “show” no bias, but state facts— this is important as a journalist, nowadays.
Your article shows a dedication to understanding the world around you, and I was lifted by your commitment to this as I went on reading it. I’m glad you expressed your age early in. It made the experience much better. How clever. “Are you Smarter Than an 8th Grader…”
An interesting read indeed. You wrote a compelling message/argument dedicated to an important part of our conversation today, in regards to LLMs, and in my opinion, the importance of sharing our accumulated knowledge with each other about our findings as we navigate through this uncertain time.
YOU are our future and this is an important piece. It’s a vital step forward in the right direction.
I’m astounded that a person of your age wrote this article— you did so very well with your voice and in a professional arrangement! Your citations were placed where you felt appropriate, using graphs and tables to your show the data to which best supported your claims— giving us (your readers,) the ability to understand your presentation. Your use of fact checked data, sources, along with your own great deal of research to support this analyses provided us with a comprehensive, readable and helpful overview of what it is you wanted to dissect, and for us to observe!
What you have displayed here is impressive, and I find you have a clear journalistic nature! Kudos to you and your bravery in publishing this. Great work!

Compelling writing with a very high level of detail in a single article is not an easy task.

I do hope this stays with you as you grow. It’s truly inspiring to see how much positive support you’ve received.

I enjoyed your poem, clearly written by a human, and it shows. What was interesting to me is that the other poems highly resembled Shakespearean poetry in particular, his use of imagery and poetic style of writing was unheard of in his day, but we still admire his works to this day! Along with him, I saw some other highly acknowledged poets and their uses of imagery, other devices and techniques etc. What I’m getting at is— it’s a case of clear imitation, and if “imitation is the best form of flattery,” as they say, then what of us? Just a thought…
And, What do us poets do about it?
We keep writing is what we do!

Listen, your use of descriptive language is appreciated. You used some fantastic imagery, and it’s a solid piece to be very honest. It was a delightful read for me to wake up to. You used your prompt, headed out on your journey to find your words, used your senses, and you wrote.
Creative writing is about using your imagination, a process of thinking using conscious mind, as well as, leaving room for your subconscious thoughts to develop and evolve onto your page, or screen— I believe. Creating a sense of wonder as opposed to a sense of understanding or obligation to form or technique.
The constraints of literary devices and techniques are not easy to adhere to, believe me, I have been trying to embrace them while I edit my work recently. It’s difficult to get perspective across, especially when you’re working with meter.
I’ll quit rambling, but I do have a question, so I’ll leave you with this.

What sparked your interest in writing this piece, do you believe LLMs will “take over” our role as writers, and artists in the future?

I don’t believe it’s possible. I believe LLMs are a distraction for those who aren’t familiar with the concept of what they are, what they do, and what lies behind the responsibilities of the user.
I also believe that LLMs are extremely useful in many cases and ways, and WILL help to reduce costs for businesses, and definitely “take over” a bunch of jobs, yes, but also create new ones if you catch my drift.
However, as far as creative writing, poetry, as well as other forms of art goes…
To be HEARD as a HUMAN is Powerful— it comes with an inherent purpose.

Without a humans voice, there is no other way to evoke human emotion!
Point blank period.
I look forward to reading more from you! Thank you for your words, and for your irrefutable interest in research! Your voice is important, and clearly heard.
Keep using it!




My ideas on the complexities of our human mind’s with an appreciation for the “darker” realities— Whilst insisting, Hope, remains, unwavering, in all of us!.