A Poem. Dreams. “A many a splendored thing.”



Black balloon. A black tulle covered balloon. A balloon being held. An inflated black, tulle covered, balloon. Black nail polish.
Photo by Hipster Mum on Unsplash

Getting wrapped up in our world where nothing is as it seems.
All same; still no peace.

“A dream is but a dream…”

On most occasions I wake…
Remembering but fragments of my dreams.

Retaining a mere 60 seconds — of my most charming, repressed, and oppressive treasury’s!
Obsessive* not oppressive.
I’ll leave my mistake.

Once again in means of my authenticity.

What’s happened subconsciously?

“Have you ever been awaken?”

Amidst a Dismal, yet ordinary Night—Seeking The Sandman or better yet craving. A most Tender of Incite.

An Impulsive Awakening…
By an unwavering Snatching of Delight. Blatantly Interrupted; surely forsaking, and
Roused by ones own insight …

“Why; Oh, Why have I arose?”

Being plucked out of a darling dream my conscience has abruptly impose d!

Dreaming to Excite. Waking to Entice?

Watching ones riddles unfold; fast asleep, each evening, despite, tonight…

These evenings; few and far between — Recent Infernal Intervals. Could it be? My mind is pulling a Slight?

Surely, I must be mistaken! It isn’t worth it to be right! No! It must have been the Raven! My senses taking flight! A thug committing a break in! No forced entry; nothing is missing — nothing has been taken!

Feeling a shiver down my spine, though I am unshaken.

I can’t help but think, somehow, my mind woke me out of Spite!

Seems to me a product of my plenty lucid dreams partaken.

Going to have to try to Over-Ride — Now my Hands are Shaking.
Our minds are playing games with us… Vaguely Rolling Dice!


Unknowingly, and Surprised…
I mull over, “Am I being Chastised..?”




My ideas on the complexities of our human mind’s, with an appreciation for the “darker” realities— Whilst insisting, Hope, remains unwavering in all of us.