Tug of War

A Poem.



Photo credit: Bruno Horwath, via Unsplash

Twisted, wicked, masked parade.

Never mind those idle days.

Let alone my pens recent escapades.

As the clock strikes twelve;


Time for life’s masquerade.

Pessimistic pedigree.

A ballerina twisting free.

Catching up on dirty looks… Beneath the shade of willow trees.

Rotten apple alchemy.

Optimistic misery.

Color blind catastrophe!

A butcher’s knife to slash all the books…

  • Literary murder mystery.

One crash will end the juxt.

Drive around aimlessly —

Make your engine roar, and plead.

To the end of the road —

There’s no turning back.

Drive off the edge of a cliff, but where’s the tact in that?

How about it then?!

  • You smash into me…
  • I’ll count.

One, two, THREE!

Pushing, pulling — Tug of War.


nothing more.

Simple knowing:

right versus wrong.

Conscious awareness:

weak versus strong.

The righteous knew truth all along.

A mid-evil woman spins cloth on a wooden loom.

Details build a mighty tomb.

Demons tell lies.

Angels always die.

Why does the Siren sing?

Slashes from a diamond ring.


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Bruno Horwath

Medium Creators

* Juxt — A Slang Term:

My definition;

verb; used to describe an absurd charade only to be carried out by a thief.

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My ideas on the complexities of our human mind’s, with an appreciation for the “darker” realities— Whilst insisting, Hope, remains unwavering in all of us.