To quote a recent article, I read just before yours, for sourcing purposes— I’ve highlighted the writer as my most recent highlight; I unfortunately cannot remember the name, but the highlight, and entire article resonated, as did this. “Medium doesn’t care about you.” I don’t unload content regularly, because of my own personal problems with being able to to do so. I have started to work on this issue recently, and will be publishing all of my “drafts” very soon, but I know this won’t effect my bank account. Being I’ve only made $0.10 with Medium, and I do not post regularly, as I should. Although, maybe, just maybe, if I keep your thought process in mind, and believe this is a job, and my source of income; I will be forced to unleash a vast amount of content. As if to think, well, I need to get this money NOW, especially in order to eat! I’m impressed by your dedication thus far, and kudos on the success you have endured. Thank you for your post! I have decided, NOW, in this moment, to post one of my works, tonight! Then, going forward, try to clock in! Regularly, producing content, without fear or concern, of what others may think!

Simply put, I write poetry. Each poem, representative of segments from my own life experiences. With hopes— they may resonate with my fellow human. Thank you.

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