To Catch A Prophet.

Carpe Diem. A Poem, plus Writers Notes.



Tonight is Now; it is Here.
Are you ready for bed my dear?
Settle all of your affairs.
Say your Bloody, Blessed Prayers.

Prayer position;
963hz Blasting; how it Blares!
Connection, and Cutting of Cords; be Aware.
A Purpose, a Whirlwind of Wisdom is Conceived.

As unbearable as control may seem, this be a choice; a gateway…
Tradition it Speaks.
As unbearable as protection may seem, this be a choice; a gateway…
Tradition, it Speaks.

Prepare an intention—
What comes to ones attention?
Tonight may bring Redemption.
To be Determined by Perception.

Sweet Mother, Deliver Me —
Oh, Divinity!
Dream Land in Proximity!

Tomorrow is Near; on Time and Reliable.
Approaching rapidly, yet casually —

as days go by like wind…
before a page is dry of ink.

Morrow may bring something Desirable, same as to Intolerable.
Brewing is just as Undeniable, as a Blink.

Stricken Bells, they’re Screaming!
Startling one out of their Slumber!
Thank our Gods a heart is beating!
Pounding harder than a Drummer on a Festival stage during Summer!

‘Tis here! Today!
Go, and Seize the fucking day!
Our Sun is shining brightly…
Punishing ones eyes.
Flaming star from afar,
incandescent assistance taken by surprise!

Take Notice — of everything.
Prior meditations, they’re all sinking in.
Pluck each bit of sand out of your inner eyes.
Advise yourself to apply what you believe your mind supplies.

Grab a notebook, and operate your pen!
To Catch a Prophet? Gods Plans.
Poetic Rants, Let em’ Begin.
Written by, a…




My ideas on the complexities of our human mind’s, with an appreciation for the “darker” realities— Whilst insisting, Hope, remains unwavering in all of us.