To Catch A Prophet.

Carpe Diem. A Poem, plus Writers Notes.

3 min readAug 4, 2023

Tonight is Now; it is Here.
Are you ready for bed my dear?
Settle all of your affairs.
Say your Bloody, Blessed Prayers.

Prayer position;
963hz Blasting; how it Blares!
Connection, and Cutting of Cords; be Aware.
A Purpose, a Whirlwind of Wisdom is Conceived.

As unbearable as control may seem, this be a choice; a gateway…
Tradition it Speaks.
As unbearable as protection may seem, this be a choice; a gateway…
Tradition, it Speaks.

Prepare an intention—
What comes to ones attention?
Tonight may bring Redemption.
To be Determined by Perception.

Sweet Mother, Deliver Me —
Oh, Divinity!
Dream Land in Proximity!

Tomorrow is Near; on Time and Reliable.
Approaching rapidly, yet casually —

as days go by like wind…
before a page is dry of ink.

Morrow may bring something Desirable, same as to Intolerable.
Brewing is just as Undeniable, as a Blink.




My ideas on the complexities of our mind’s with an appreciation for the “darker” realities— Whilst insisting Hope remains, unwavering, in all of us!.