’Tis Rare a Moment.

A poem.



An image of, a silhouette, a hand with the sunset in the background, on a beach.
Photo by M Ashraful Alam on Unsplash

As the dunes express their dares;

I must stay aware.

In your arms I am distracted —

you silence my despair.

To share on my shore is rare.


Tonight, my beloved, there is something in the air.

’Tis rare a moment.

Dear Ocean;

Take one and all wish upon each grain of sand, take them out of the heat, this way, they may make it to where they must land.



I placed my wishes upon each grain of sand.

Roaring waters rushed upon the land.

The tides brought our ocean upon the shore,

and entrapped each wish.

As if I were to blow it a kiss,

and *poof* they were all gone.

Away from the beach, and away from me.

Drifting out of reach of any thieves.

’Tis rare a moment at sea.

’Tis rare a moment with thee.

The simplicity of moments we share…


It feels like centuries since I have been this aware, this sensible.

I feel put back together, all thanks to you.

For your patience, and guidance.

All done in silence.

There is no word relatable, nor comprehendible —

there is nothing to compare.

’Tis rare a moment between you, and I.

‘Tis rare a moment with a true captain; just the same as to with a true current.

’Tis rare a moment to fall in love.

My lungs fill with your aroma — with your endearing scent.

My belly plummets; then descents.

My belly flutters, lifted by little doves.

I am in my element.




My ideas on the complexities of our human mind’s, with an appreciation for the “darker” realities— Whilst insisting, Hope, remains unwavering in all of us.