Thank you for posting this; I’ve been considering publishing my poetry recently, but, I am a bit afraid of the response they will receive. Their dark, being the dark nature, and state, to which my personal traumas have left my subconscious, and conscious mind in. Although, these pieces have been the best works I’ve completed; I’m a bit worried about putting them out there. Any thoughts or suggestions? I’ve collected $0.11 as a paid-partnership member on Medium; writing only 2 stories. The first being a writing prompt, content creation, how to diminish writers block post... and the second an email draft/personal short discussing the above trauma with a publishing and consultant to which I hadn’t sent, but then sent, and published— The point in me expressing this? I’ve had multiple views, now, latter, after MONTHS, of these being up, but Medium did not pay me for these additional views.

Simply put, I write poetry. Each poem, representative of segments from my own life experiences. With hopes— they may resonate with my fellow human. Thank you.

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