Confessions. A poem.



Hush Naidoo Jade Photography on Unsplash

I may have my delusions…
My world may certainly be made up of illusions.

“But, is it fair of me to ask… for you to not jump to conclusions?”

As I make each decision
Putting all of my faith into my intuition —

In knowing of difference;
Separating myself from being labeled mad entirely, or

insanely driven.

Attempting to make some sense of my past . For instance, how nothing truly lasts…

This. Being presumptuous at best. Quite frankly, reason, and massive significance of all efforts being put to rest.

To make some sense of what I’ve seen! Gut wrenching, sweat induced, trauma invoked, dreams!
If I cast my mind back to all of those times I had been provoked —


“I am Reminded of

Wishing for Rope…

To Hang Myself with Hope.”

Cut scene: Obscene.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears!

I can only ignore my past for so long! — oh, my!


All Facts Became Assumptions. All Assumptions Become Facts.

If I saw them, it would riddle me with all sorts of conundrum’s. Considering how much I’ve grown, my hard work; Gumption.

Mental Volcanic Eruption.

My old lover would exhaust me with all their negative energy; they would certainly belittle me. Play with me…

Jack’ll be nimble; play me like a fiddle.

He would snatch me in before I could caution myself to cease.
With no match; without any wax or wick…

And I am Gas Lit to Bit’s!

Seeds planted by misfits.

All those cheap, dirty tricks.

And now, watch, as my head does multiple spilts.
As My Senses Fail…




My ideas on the complexities of our human mind’s, with an appreciation for the “darker” realities— Whilst insisting, Hope, remains unwavering in all of us.