Just wondering…

A poem. About a Grudge I keep.



Inside of a car, with a rearview mirror showing. Rt. 66. style. The sun is setting in the background of the highway with trees along both sides.
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I Took my Shot!

Burdened, Lain Man —

Due to be Forgot.

Seeing You — through all points of view. Committing sin and minor crimes.

I longed to see your shade of blue

& You hit me with your best shot —

It was only then, when I asked of you;


In lieu of few —

Questions in mind.

Black turned your Hue!

Slaughtering love ever implied.

For each time I cried,

I wondered, why?

Why, I loved you?

Beyond Limit — Without Self Control.

I wondered why I wondered!

…And in doing so, I had my answer!

Ashamed, I knew my reasons.

Impartially, I had been dancing with a chancer!

You knew my strong belief in cohesion.

Each Why — Analytically Defined in Time.

I wondered while battling.

Unknowingly, waging a War.

You heard my cage rattling…

& I tried Escaping of course!

You came to save your prey.

Stealing bits of my Sanity to fuel your inanity.

You spit on my name. Politely, asked of me to stay. Timidly, I caved, and played along with your “games.” Befalling to lay in profanity.

What bothered me most; was you keeping scores, and tallying points!

This Grudge I Keep Alive — I Have No Need For. I must set it free to move forward. This grudge I keep alive — may send me off course… and inherently dismantle my force.

A few of time I had Implore; for a chance at love well-traveled.

For a chance at love which shiver bones to the very core. Two hearts; shackled. Being dazzled, and by Gods channeled. Completely unraveled, and Unable to possibly Ignore.

This Love; the only Love I will take a shot for!

I Took my shot!

Burdened, Lain Man —

Due to be Forgot.

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