Blizzard Ridden Eyes.

A Poem.



A black and white photograph of a human with eyes so bright they radiate the photo. Face covered entirely, besides the eyes, in wool.
Photo by Kat J on Unsplash


glacial eyes —

Watching over thy self.

A sunrise radiates inside the irises of thee —

Blizzard ridden eyes; a sunrise lay dormant inside the horizons of thee.

Silently. Gallantly.

As thine knee sit upon thou wooden floor…

prayer position —

Bestow grace inside of thee,


For thine eyes used to shine just the same as to thee.

Evanescently though, brilliantly.

For thy shall listen…

For thy shall do so patiently,


This all may come as a surprise.

Whilst —

Endless seasons of numbing lies…

careless, reckless, bitter,


after try… after try.

Pieces of thou tumbling down.

Disposed of.

Into Gaia; six feet underground.

Poisoning each root of all withering tree surrounding thee.

Rejoice in moments such as these.

This all may come as a surprise.

Renaissance seeds are buried deep —

in place of what was never free.

Born to be cherished, bountiful, and cared for with ease.

Rejoice in this rebirth of all withering tree.

A forest explored, in all plunder galore.

Renaissance kisses on the hardwood floors.

A gift to my beloved.

For a sunrise radiates inside the irises of thee —

Blizzard ridden eyes; a sunrise lay. Silently.


in lieu of fear —

in lieu of being damned but once again by spite, and anything unworldly.



Medium Creators

Kathleen Johnson Thank you for your brilliant shot of eyes in this photograph!

*Edited 3/07/22




My ideas on the complexities of our human mind’s, with an appreciation for the “darker” realities— Whilst insisting, Hope, remains unwavering in all of us.