Ahh, refreshing!!

An article straight up to the point, and spot on (title, subject, and body) is hard to come across these past few years— for reasons beyond my understanding!
Click bait is the absolute worst, but this is far from it! I genuinely appreciate your journalism!

A nostalgic website, indeed!

As a “newer” member of this publishing community— I will DEFINITELY be submitting some marketing tips!
Not only will this feed my brain, and stretch out my good old article style writing skill fingers lol, but it’ll help me fine-tune said skills for fresh new articles here on Medium!!

Thanks again!!



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I am a poet. I am a Mother of a Teen boy, 2 Cats, and 3 Angels Babies 🥀🥀🥀 I live each day with a hope. I believe my poetry may resonate, & inspire others.