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Agreed with most of the above comments, and great read!
Thank you for your thoughts, and given your high quality knowledge of the justice system,working directly in it, I can feel your passion on this subject through your writing.
My thoughts:
My boyfriend and I have been delving deeper into True Crime as of late.
As you stated, and I came to find, the majority of available podcasts aren’t captured in a meaningful manner, or in a manner which the content is being shared in a way which makes a listener understand. When I say understand, I am referring to a true understanding to the reality and nature behind a crime, and/or certain cases. Podcasts generally have a censor over their content, and in some form or another they may be considered for being biased. Banned, then replaced. Misleading people with unnecessary information about a crime which happened, in a society where the public has the right to know about the facts of a case, but in a time period when people are being distracted and divided is exactly why these podcasts continue to spread misinformation and make people like us uncomfortable. I’m glad this was brought to my attention as “True Crime” has impacted my life, its relevance to my past and current reality has played a significant role in my decision making and in my growth as a woman.
I have dropped the podcasts, as they were great until they weren’t. My boyfriend found 2 YouTube channels in particular, and we began binge watching these YouTube channels, which cover True Crime in all of its depths— as you quoted “The devils in the details.”
I believe these channels to be the most reliable, descriptive, accurate and compelling of all sources of information of True Crime, on YouTube’s platform thus far…

Warning ⚠️
The channels I am listing below contains content with extremely explicit nature. Proceed with caution, as they may cause triggers, or induce panic, or anxiety as these are true stories showcasing some really, really sick convicted murderers:
2. JCS Crimminal Psychology,
(as well as the following “newer” channel that seems promising,)
3. Dreading “Crime and Psychology”

Each channel, while having their own original content, and footage, are not affiliated with each other, they all have different content, some differing viewpoints. However, collectively, I believe, they bring us an optimal level of knowledge as viewers. Featuring a range of different aspects of each case— including the psychology behind the individual’s involved both criminal, victim(s,) the justice system, and interviewers. Making a point to not solely focus on the criminal, but show how much of an impact an investigator can have on a case when interrogating with lead suspects, family/friends, witnesses etc. which I now understand is especially important!

Furthermore, these channels will be first to release never before seen footage of interrogations, body cam footage… etc. which shows me they are dedicated and willing to take action. By going through the proper legal processes to ensure they obtain any proper documents they may need, paying the fees necessary to receive public records, and provide the information necessary. They analyze each case thoroughly (with professional assistance,) to ensure they are each properly released to the general public (us as viewers,) in accordance to any legal requirements, in a way that is effective and appropriate.

They provide analysis of tactics, techniques and strategies that help to improve investigations and the results of these strategies. They aren’t implicitly biased. They analyze evidence, examine footage, bring in professional opinion, while explaining criminal motive, and WHY the things that happened, happened the way they did… I suppose they focus their efforts on their findings of the criminal perspective… as the YouTube channels act as to “criminal psychological case studies,” if you will. With fine detailing and recapping of events which unfold leading up to a crime, clear depiction of a criminal investigation, aftermath of prosecution WITH MANY HOURS of information. A blow by blow of background giving the absolute best possible insight on the mindset of each person involved in each crime, the events which took place, in all devilish 😈 detail, and the delving into the depths of the investigations. It is quite remarkable, to me, upon seeing how much these channels specifically put into their work. Each channels Team is optimal in their ability to INFORM, DESCRIBE, and EDUCATE.
Bringing attention to a great amount of cases that quite frankly probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day without their digging.
Each channel has its own take on criminal analysis, and I have to say they are all outstanding, as this is my, and my boyfriends opinion. Outstanding certainly have a great sense of how criminal minds work, so much so that— Oftentimes, I find myself empathizing with the criminal! Either detectives reel me back into reality, or the channels narrator will quickly snap me out of becoming highly sensitive to some of the states most criminally insane, and underrated villains in history.

Please, check out a video or 5, when you get a chance, and get back to me here to let me know what you think, and if you believe they do those cases justice!! I would appreciate your thoughts!


PS I am not, in anyway, affiliated to any of the channels I recommended.




My ideas on the complexities of our human mind’s with an appreciation for the “darker” realities— Whilst insisting, Hope, remains, unwavering, in all of us!.